Zohra Sharief

Director / Treasurer

Position Experience

Scouting Awards

Zohra Sharief 

Zohra started her scouting journey in 2005 as an involved parent with a one hour a week commitment. She has served scouting units in Germany and Arkansas, founding the first Muslim cub scout pack in Little Rock. She is also one of the founders of Unit 114 within NCAC which was established in 2012. Den leader, outdoor coordinator, treasurer, committee member are some of the many positions that Zohra held and implemented most successful scouting program within the unit. Unit 114 continues to thrive in her current position as Chartering Organization Representative. 

In addition to her role as Chartering Organization Representative, Zohra serves as merit badge counselor, unit commissioner for two units and district Day Camp Director for three years. She has supported several district camporees with her Archery skills. Zohra attended a Woodbadge course in 2015 and has the honor of being on staff for the Spring course for 2023. She is fortunate to be on staff in Summer 2023 with the National Youth Leadership Training course. Her dedication to scouting is highlighted by being a recipient of the District Award of Merit in 2022.

Professionally, Zohra is a chronic volunteer – inside and outside of scouting. She extensively volunteers with many non-profit organizations and has managed teams of volunteers for National Conference events. Her passion to ‘help others at all times’ has led her working with local shelters and food banks in providing sustenance where required. She has been assisting domestic violence survivors rejuvenate their lives by guiding them in achieving their educational and financial goals. She continues to fulfill her civic duties by working as an Election Officer in local and general elections for the past several years. Her cultural background and experience has made her an asset in every situation.