Training: COPE Level 1 Facilitator Course

  • Is your leadership training being done by the book, but your leaders are struggling?
  • Have your Scouts completed leadership training but have difficulty leading? Are your graduates of NAYLE not the ones your Scouts look to as a leader?
  • Are members of your unit disengaged, not attending to what’s going on around them, buried in their smart phones?
  • Are your Scouts electing their leaders using “The Nose Game”; last person to put their finger on their nose is stuck with being the leader? [The leader is a loser.]
  • Would you like to learn games and activities that uncover a team’s strengths and weaknesses in a safe but challenging way?

Consider taking the training to become a facilitator of Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (COPE). In a weekend, learn an experiential approach to developing life skills such as leadership, teamwork, trust, planning, problem solving, decision making, self-esteem, and communication. This approach is based on activities and nontraditional, non-competitve games. You will learn that basics of facilitating leadership development sessions which can be tailored to your unit’s needs and assets

The COPE facilitator training session will be held at Camp WB Snyder (6100 Antioch Rd, Haymarket, VA). Training starts at 7:00 pm, Friday, 27 Oct. Goes all day Saturday. Wraps up by noonSunday 29 Oct. Food and lodging will be provided (Carroll’s Cottage). Cost: $50


  • Students should bring personal hygiene materials, sleeping materials (pillow, sleeping bag or blankets), parts A&B of your BSA medical form.
  • Please tell us about any personal dietary issues (such as food allergies, religious restrictions).
  • Registration is open to adults and youth who are registered with BSA. Age appropriate guidelines recommend youth be 14 years of age or older. NCAP standard SQ-409 allow youth who are 16 years of age to perform as “COPE Instructors in Training” (can act as facilitators, but not count for staffing ratio), and 18 years of age to perform as COPE Instructors (count for staffing ratios).
  • Anyone who is not registered with BSA but would like to attend are encouraged to join BSA.

Please address your questions or comments to Tony Waisanen, NCAC PM for Climbing, Rappelling, Bouldering and COPE,