Scout Jumuah 2019

A Scout is Reverent.

Scout Jumuah is the primary date to recognize the contributions of young people and adults to Scouting within the Muslim Community. Masajid and other Islamic institutions that charter Scouts or who have Muslims in Scouting, should use this day to celebrate and highlight their achievements as well as highlight the need of working with the youth in the Muslim community.

The National Association of Muslim Americans on Scouting (NAMAS) has designated Friday, February 8, 2019 to be Scout Jumuah. Some units may adjust this date in their locale to best meet their needs.

The 2019 patch theme is centered around Family Scouting.  We are still in the process of developing our patch and hope to have the design available soon to showcase.

Scout Jumuah

Scout Jumuah 2019

For Muslim Scouting units, a suggested program consists of the following:

  • Recognition by the Chartered Organization Representative after each Salaat of the Scouting program and/or a khutbah that discusses the importance of Scouting to Muslim Youth.
  • Service Project – Cleaning up trash all around the Masjid or their Chartering Organizations. The time spent will count towards Service Hour Rank Requirements.
  • Full Uniform – Please proudly wear your uniform to demonstrate Scout Spirit.
  • Scout Display – We suggest setting up displays about Scouting. Ideas could include but are not limited to a model campsite (Tent, Firepit, Chuckbox, and Dining Area), photos about the program, patches, and other Scout materials.
  • A Scout Jumuah Patch is available for those who participate fully in Scout Jumuah. If you or your unit would like to receive the patches, you can place your order here.

If you would like to submit a design for the 2020 Scout Jumuah Patch, please contact us with your submission.

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